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School, Writing, and ‘Totes’ is Apparently a Word

I should probably start thinking of some good quality content to put on this blog after school ends. The semester has only just begun but when this year is over, well, then it’s over. Unless by some miracle I apply and get accepted to grad school, and that’s when things get really serious and time will no longer be a concept I can believe in.

Not that I really believe in it now, either.  I’m almost done with my second week of the semester and I already feel as though I’ve fallen so behind…whatever possessed me to save five anthropology classes (four 300-400 level) for my last semester…though it probably doesn’t help that I seem to have a strong case of senioritis that leads me to mistakenly believe I can easily do homework while drinking beer.

Just got to keep pushing to the finish line, though, right.

I’m scared to bits and pieces at the prospect of asking professors for grad school recommendation letters once this is all over.  I’m expecting the responses to be a toss up between, “who are you?” and “I don’t know if I’ve anything good to say about you…”maybe try someone else.

Oh grad schools, why do you need recommendation letters?  I can’t form social connections to save my life.  I was raised in the emergent digital age, I interface with computer screens and emoticons, not living people.

At least I have my writing to fall back on, is what I keep telling myself to my own maniacal laughter.  Writing is a career you pursue relentlessly while keeping a day job to pay the bills (and slowly suck out your soul, and crush your spirit, leaving you a sullen husk silently holding on by that thread of hope that one of your stories will sell like Harry  Potter one day — sorry to spoil it for young, beginning writers brimming with idealistic ambition), anyhow, it’s definitely not Plan B.

That’s why I need to finish writing something and how.  We did intros in one of the classes, stating our name, major, year, and something fun/interesting (it changes as we were moving through the class) about ourselves.  The first guy who went said he was a writer, and I was like oh-fuck, stole my interesting about me, then finished up that he worked on fantasy novels and had two manuscripts finished and I was like, well shit, now I’m just a wannabe and he’s a dedicated professional.  Of course it gets round to me and I’m like, yeah, I also write, then sadly admit, though I haven’t finished a manuscript yet.

The professor, who is also the class clown, was bantering and laughter, and he made some offhanded comment that we can network (the other writer and I) and that guy’s is all scoffing, “she’s not even in the editting stages yet”, but then the prof was kind enough to acknowledge, “but that’s not really something funny.  That’s a serious endeavor, and should be commended,” because he’s actually a nice guy- much better than other everyone-should-be-loud-and-boisterous type teachers I’ve had in the past, then he brought it back around and instructed me, “Now tell us something funny.”

To which I quipped, “Something funny” because you know, no ones ever heard that one before.  People laughed and he was like okay, whatever, moved on to the next person and immediately I thought of a million interesting/funny things I could’ve said about myself instead.

Anyhow, I guess I made the decision then that I need to either work on finishing a manuscript (and then another one and another one and another one) and getting published (my stories anyway, company blog totally does not count.  Side note, WTF is with the word “totes” all of a sudden.  First time I heard it was in the Malcolm McDowell and James Earl  Jones commercial and I’m like, “kids don’t talk like that”, come to find out, they do) back on topic, though, decision: either write something or stop telling people I’m a writer.

I think I’d die inside if I had to stop telling people I’m a writer, as though my spirit were suddenly severed from my body.  Writing is the first and foremost thing I’ve wanted to do going way back to when I was like ten years old and a teacher told me I should be a writer, and I was like, wait, I can do that?  As like, a for real profession, just tell stories all day? Yeah, I totes want to be a writer!

Okay, yeah, totes is the stupidest word ever. Jeez what is wrong with kids these days? Let’s just pretend it doesn’t exist and the people that use it, we’ll pretend they don’t exist either.

Right.  So, unless I want to be a spiritless automaton, going about my life, rank and filing bones, pretending I know something about anything science-y like, which I only partially do, I guess I have to get something accomplished, finito, published, and voila, me writer.  Yeah, I had a beer while reading about entheseal change earlier so I’m a mite loopy, apologies.  Probably start small, short story or something.  Move my way towards finishing one of the plethora of novels I’ve started but for some reason or another dropped, only to start a different novel altogether.

I’m going back to homework now.  Don’t use the word totes.


Just renewed the domain name, and it’s my blogs anniversary.  Yay!  Happy anniversary, blog!

I haven’t posted anything in awhile.  Been busy writing, doing side projects, and working (which now includes a hefty amount of writing).

Work, so far, is going surprisingly good.  I’m still trying to figure out ways to direct traffic to the site, but the boss likes me well enough.  He seems to think I have a good attitude and the perfect personality for the job.  I sure hope he’s right about me.  A lot of people are counting on me to be successful.  They’re not counting on just me, thankfully, but enough of it relies on my ability to generate interest in the company for me to be extremely stressed.

In the meantime, my personal writing is divided between a script for a comic/graphic novel I’m collaborating on with an artist friend/former co-worker of mine, brainstorming for the game I want to develop that I mentioned last post, and working on a short novel I’m hoping to get finished within this coming year; working title is “White Rabbit”.

On another post, I talked about my DIY projects.  This holiday season, I made laundry detergent, lotion, lip balm, bath salts, and a sugar scrub.  I’m most satisfied with the laundry detergent, lip balm, and bath salts.  The sugar scrub was pretty decent, but I would have to use it long term to determine if I like it or not.  I had a small breakout by the corner of my lip, and I’m suspicious it might’ve been the scrub.  Of course, I could just be seeing the consequences of this past couple months’ major stresses, too.  The bath salt was wonderful to soak in, though, very relaxing, left my skin feeling really smooth, and was so easy to make.  Took maybe 5-10 minutes to mix together.  Sort of used Lia Griffith’s Homemade Lavender Bath Salts and Martha Stewart’s Homemade Bath Salts recipes as guides, kind of borrowing from both and streamlining the ingredients.

My Bath Salts

2 Cups Epsom Salt

1/2 Cup Himalyan Pink Sea Salt (bottles of this are available everywhere now, I’d never even heard of them before.  They give the salts a pretty color, but you could prob sub regular sea salt or just omit it altogether)

2 tablespoons Coconut Oil (though you could probably sub any vegetable oil here, like olive oil or jojoba oil)

5-10 drops Lavender Essential Oil

5-10 drops Eucalyptus Essential oil

Directions: Combine epsom salt and sea salt in a large bowl.  In a double boiler, melt coconut oil (I just put the oil in a jar, then put the jar in hot water from the tap, mixing it until fully melted.  Pour oil over salts, add the oils, and mix until fully combined.  Store in a sealed container (I put mine in glassware with a silicone seal lock-and-lock lid that I got at a home goods store for cheap).

To Use: Add a few tablespoons to bath when you first start running the hot water, and use your hand to stir the salts in until the sea salt is fully dissolved.

I worried after I’d first made the salts that I might’ve put in too much of the eucalyptus essential oil, because it smelled overwhelming in the mixing bowl, but the bath water diluted it a lot.  The Himalyan pink sea salt gave the bath a kind of peppery smell, which was interesting but nice.

As for the lotion, I colored it with powdered raspberries, and that didn’t work out so awesome.  It’s alright, but a bit gritty, so I have to figure out a way to get that pretty pink color without the grit.  The lotion itself was very oily — which the recipe’s author had forewarned, so I already knew it would be — but I think I’ll try out a less oily lotion next time.  It turned out very liquid-y,  which the author had not forewarned about but I think might be due to the oily-ness, and I don’t like it’s consistency much at all.  I want to try making a lotion for my face, my skin gets really dried out.  I started using diluted apple cider vinegar as a face toner after my cleanser a couple days ago.  I haven’t noticed anything testimony worthy yet, but I will say that it does significantly reduce redness after application, but I think that it’s contributing to the dryness of my skin.

Next on my DIY To-Do List is shampoo and conditioner.  I decided I would try out these different “recipes” for a month, recording my results.  Unless, of course, I immediately see drastically horrific results.  I’m thinking I might start a blog about it, but not until I’ve got everything made and have been using them for awhile, so I actually have something worth blogging about.

And that is all for today.  Yup.  Back to writing.

Professional Blog Writer

Today I am officially a professional blog writer.

My first post went up for the company blog.  Check it out!

I’m nervous about it.  I know it’s not a great post, and I’m hoping I’ll get better with time and the more I settle into the position.  At the moment I’m working on several other posts about food, recipes, and other products that we sell.  I’m kind of on a homemade kick, everything from scratch (sort of) but in the easiest ways possible and with tips to make eating homemade simple and muss free, so that may be what a lot of my blog posts focus on.  Did you know how easy it was to make your own dressings and condiments from scratch?  I’ll be posting about it within the next few months on the company blog, so maybe bookmark the page or sign up for the newsletter to get updates.

Semi-unrelated, I’m also planning on slowly learning to do homemade lotions, soaps, skin care, shampoo, hair conditioner, and cosmetic products.  Yes, I’m looking at becoming a hippie, except I want to be very scientific about it, track how well things are working, shelf life, etc.  I just need to come up with a recording system, and also run 0ut of the current products I’m using.  I’ve already got plans to make some lotions, sugar scrubs, maybe lip balm, and laundry detergent for the holidays — give some as gifts 🙂 !  Though I’m a bit wary of giving things to my loved ones that I haven’t tried on myself yet.

I might start a blog to post my results on everything.  We’ll see how that goes.

Back to the professional blog writer thing.  Yeah, come by and take a look at the post.  Tell me what you think, because I could use a few tips, pointers, lot of feedback.  Final note, I made breakfast this morning with the product I blogged about.  It was so much easier to use than I thought, though I totally missed the instruction to cover and lower the heat (I covered, no lowered heat…didn’t ruin it too much and I caught it eventually).  Here’s a pic.


I suggest purchasing one soon. It’s a limited time item.


School’s Out, Time to Write

As of this past Thursday morning, my school semester is over.  It was a long and hectic year that ended on a few high notes.  A few good grades and good praise from my teachers, met some interesting people that were far friendlier towards me than I probably deserved.  In personal life, I got a new job and a new car.  The job seems to be going well, which could mean it really is going well, or I’m delusional in my hopes that it works out.

My first blog post for the new job goes up on Monday, if you would care to check it out, here’s the link.  It’s not the best thing I’ve ever written, by far, stifled by the pressure of it being my first paid writing gig and trying to situate myself into a position whose previous occupant left a severely sour taste in the boss’s mouth.  While you’re perusing the company blog, you can read some of the old blogger’s posts as well.  I’m not entirely sure how long we’ll be keeping them up, but I’m petitioning to get them removed as soon as possible.  I’d like to distance myself from her work as much as I can.  One of the earliest bloggers had some decent posts, and I’d like to spruce them up a bit, but I guess there were complications during her employment so her stuff might get removed too, we’ll see.  We’ll also be getting a freelance blogger (who I’ll be semi-managing) to write content for us.  She’s got a lot of writing experience, and thus far in our email correspondence she’s been super nice, so I’m excited to be working with her. I’ll let you know when her stuff goes up as well, let you take a look at it.  Also, you know, buy something from the store.  We’ve got cool kitchen gadgets, the kind of stuff that makes me go, “I want that…and that…and OH MY GOD THAT!”

As per my previous blog (in which I complain about my own failings during NaNoWriMo and hope the readers will take pit on me), I’m going to be doing my own version of NaNoWriMo…apparently, starting today.  Woohoo! Got to write 1600 words today.  I can kill that easy, just need to pick a story to work on.   A little torn between the one I was trying to write during NaNoWriMo and a completely different one.  UGH, I’m already sabotaging myself.  I’m just going to open a word doc and start writing, whichever story comes out is the one I’m going with, so there, take that self-imposed writer’s block!

Right.  Off I go to get some novel written.  Enjoy this picture of the kitten that wouldn’t let me do my homework.

He's a little sad about classes ending because it means his favorite napping spot - my books - is going away for a time.  Back to sleeping on my shoulders, I guess.

He’s a little sad about classes ending because it means his favorite napping spot – my books – is going away for a time. Back to sleeping on my shoulders, I guess.

Opening Doors, Leaving Others Behind

I start my new job tonight.

It’s a little frightening.  There’s a lot of pressure attached to it.  This isn’t just an opportunity to change where I am, but in a sense, I’m pursuing my dreams.  I want to write, to live off writing, see if I have it in me to turn out something people are willing to pay for to read.

Meanwhile, my other job is going to be left hanging for a little while.  Things are slow there, so I’ve cut back hours to transition into this new job.  I feel like a half-person at the old place, a ghost in a sense, which is different than the prisoner I’ve felt like for the past few years.  I’m trying desperately to stay focused on work when I’m there, to keep caring about what I’m doing, but all I really want to do is swap over to this new place and leave the other entirely behind.  I’ve been trapped for so long, this tiny taste of freedom has me salivating at the bit.

I don’t know what I’ll do if this new place decides not to take me on as a permanent employee.

I guess I shouldn’t think like that.  Just need to write like I mean it.

Spring Cleaning

I’m supposed to be doing homework right now, so of course, I’m on my blog screwing around.  Ah…procrastination…if only you were a sport.

Anyhow, I’ve been letting my blog get cluttered and directionless lately, figured I ought to do a bit of “spring cleaning”. ‘Tis the season, right?  Next I’ll do laundry and clean the debris from my room (HAH!  Yeah, right.)

Forewarning, I’ll be moving things around, deleting useless posts, and possibly updating my blog “theme” for a spiffy new look, we’ll see.   Seems like sprucing up your blog is something you should do every so often.

Also, it takes care of one of my New Year’s Resolutions, Number 11: Become a better blogger.  Posting regularly and visiting other blogs would probably go a longer ways in helping me accomplish this resolution, but you know, I’m working on it.

Because Nice People Pay It Forward

Guten tag everybody!

Yesterday, I was delighted…surprised…startled…intrigued, going with intrigued, intrigued to find I’d been nominated for something called a Leibster Award?  What the heck is a Leibster Award, you may ask…well, I asked, maybe you all know, I don’t know?  I thought it was a lobster or something.

And the award for best blog in the sea goes to….Gold Lobster!  YAY!!
Wow, look how happy he is!  He kind of reminds me of a ninja turtle…aww…I want one.

Apparently, it is not related to the crustacean family at all, disappointing a little…I was hungry for lobster…but, as it turns out, liebster is a German term of endearment, kind of like, “dearest” or “beloved”.  (See here for more possible “translations”).  “Dearest” Award…you know, I changed my mind, I kind of like that better than a lobster…as tasty scrumptious as lobsters are…little red roaches of the sea…fine, I’ll let it go…

Little less happy looking than the lobster, but LOOK, polka dots! Festive!

Anyhow, the more I read about this award (I didn’t actually read all that much, just skimmed a few lines, but it makes me sound like I know what I’m talking about, so roll with it), the more I came to realize it’s sort of like this: “Welcome to the Blog-o-Sphere” type of deal.  A nice way for up-and-coming bloggers to pat one another on the head and, more importantly, give one another a bit of a leg up by passing their blog name onto others and helping them build a bit of a readership, and round and round it goes, where it stops…well, let’s hope it never stops, because it’s kind of an awesome deal.

Right, so first and foremost; a HUGE thank you to the guy that nominated me, wonderful mister AdrianCharlesHoran.  Please visit his blog, I’ve giggled at more than a few of the things he’s written – the one about clucking!  Ah, so true.  He’s funny, charming, verbose, updates regularly (unlike some people I know…yes, I mean me…), and he liked my blog…so…yeah, go visit him and click on his stuff.  Somehow, that sounds wrong…

Now, rules of the award: I have to answer 11 questions provided to me by my nominator, I have to nominate 11 more blogs (these blogs must have less than 200 followers which happily reminds me I have 17 whole followers — no half or quarter followers here, whoot-whoot!  Go me!), then I have to provide my nominees with 11 new questions to answer and they have to nominate 11 more blogs and…see how this becomes an infectious cycle?

Here are the 11 questions AdrianCharlesHoran left for me — I got to be honest, I really just accepted this nomination because I love answering questions…yes, I am the person who sits in the front of the classroom and raises her hand eagerly every time the teacher asks something…don’t hate, you know you’re just jealous:

1. Scone (S gone) or Scone? (Sc own)

I don’t understand this question.  I’m not hearing the difference…oh well.  I like them both.  They’re tasty…with my coffee…reminds me, I need coffee.  Be right back!  Ah…coffee…no, got to use my Japanese (because I ditched class yesterday, who the hell holds class the day before Thanksgiving?  They’re just asking to have their class skipped): KooHee O Nomimasu!  Right…moving on.

2. What is the most adventerous thing you have ever done?

Ran the streets of Barcelona naked.  No, wait, that wasn’t me.  Um…climbed to the top of Mount Everest with only the clothes on my back…nope, not me again.  Adventurous…hm…well…no…uh…hm…I did once cross the street without looking both ways.  At a busy cross section.  Ah…yes, that was daring.

3. You’re stranded on a desert island which, funnily enough, has a portable music player on it. What are your five albums of choice?

Sweet, I love desert island questions.  Well, first would be Queen: Night At the Opera, because…duh, if I’m going to be stranded for days on end, I’m doing it to Bohemian Rhapsody.  Second, Johnny Cash: Live At Folsom Prison, because it reminds me of that time I shot a man in Reno…just to watch him die, and you know, when you’re on a desert island all alone, all you’ll have to keep sane is your memories.  Third, anything from the early nineties, because I’ll need something to melt down and make a shiv out of; practicality people!  Fourth, anything Tom Waits, because his music feels me with incomparable joy and, as a bonus, his voice will most certainly scare away any beasties at night.  Fifth and Final, Flogging Molly: Swagger, mainly, but I’ll take most anything by them because when I string together drift wood with rope made from vines and palm leaves I cut down with my campfire-made shiv, I’ll need the fierce Irish punk to play me off as I sail into the sunset.

4. Who is your favourite celebrity?

Neil Gaiman.  I know he’s just a writer, but does he count?  His publishing company refers to him as the “rockstar of the writing world”, that screams celebrity to me.

5. What do you consider to be your biggest flaw?

My inability to admit I have any flaws.  It’s a huge problem.  I mean, but come on, I’m perfect.   I never make mistakes…like typos, or putting my foot in my mouth or…once I mistook a boy for a girl, he was not thrilled…

6. If you regret doing one thing, what would it be?

Mistaking that boy for a girl.

7. We all have one – what is your hidden talent?

I  try not to keep my talents hidden.  I wave them in everyone’s face while chanting, “Look what I can do and you can’t!  Bwahahahaha!”  Sorry.  See, this is what coffee does to me.  Seriously though, my hidden talent is…uh…oh hey, apparently I can do the splits.  I learned this drunk.  Which reminds me, real quick lesson for you kiddies, if you’re going to play a drinking game to a Muppet’s movie, don’t make one of the rules: take a shot every time someone says Muppet!  You’ll remember maybe the first twenty minutes of the movie and if you’re lucky, very lucky, the credits.  But you may learn new and interesting things about yourself, like that you can do the splits.

8. What is your guiltiest of guilty pleasures?

Chocolate…no wait, cake…no, wait, cupcakes, no, no, PIE!  Pudding?  Candy, candy, candy?  Er…sweets.

9. What would you say is the world’s coolest job occupation?

Hands down: Lego Master Builder.  I mean, come on, who wouldn’t want to be paid to sit around all day and build this:

And now we see the man behind the sponge…I mean literally, look at the man behind the sponge.

I found this picture on this blog, they’ve got an interview with Lego Master Builder Stephen Gerling…er…the guy in the picture.

10. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Oh I love this question!  Everyone should know — if you don’t, shame on you — that I love superpowers.  Already wrote one article on it, hoping to finish writing the next one soon, and then I have a third planned.  We’ll see how that all goes, but back to the question…if I could have one superpower…hm…I changed my mind, I don’t like this question, it’s too hard.  Okay, wait, I got it…I think I would love most to have the gift of tongues, to be able to instantly speak or read any language I came across, and in that, be able to communicate and ultimately have the means to understand anyone in the world, and through that, learn their stories.

11. James Bond or Harry Potter?

I’m going to pretend this question is asking me who would win in a death match.  Now, let’s look at the contenders.  James Bond is a dashing secret agent.  He’s British, wears a suit, takes his martini “shaken not stirred”, was once portrayed by Sean Connery (always awesome), Pierce Brosnan (little less awesome) but is now being portrayed by Daniel Craig (oh so shmexy), has a tech expert called Q, and his weapon of choice: Walther PPK handgun.  Harry Potter is an awkward teenage wizard.  He’s also British, wears a school uniform and…robe, is underage so he doesn’t drink, has only ever been portrayed by Daniel Radcliff (battle of the Daniels…), has a frizzy haired expert called Hermione, and his weapon of choice: a wand with a Phoenix feather core purchased at Ollivander’s in his first year.

While Bond can charm the panties off any lady, and easily defeat blade-rimmed hat throwing lackeys, Harry ended up with his best friend’s sister and can easily outwit your stereotypical stupid lackeys…though just barely.  It almost seems as though Bond has everything going for him, heck, he’s saved the world from countless monologue-ing villains, compared to Harry saving the world countless times from the same monologue-ing villain, and Bond always gets the girl in the end, it took Harry seven books to finally get a girl, but we mustn’t forget, Harry’s a wizard.  All the dash and daring do a secret agent can muster is always going to have a bit of difficulty against magic, especially when a flick of a wand can add warts and buckteeth (Not Daniel Craig’s face, nooooooo!), another flick takes away the Walther PPK, and a final flick, can transmute Bond into a teacup.

So, I guess in this death match, Harry wins by a wand flick.  Not as exciting a rumble as I hoped it would be.

And now that that is over and done with, on to the nominees.  I had a lot of trouble finding blogs with less than 200 followers, mainly because most blogs I checked didn’t have their number of followers listed anywhere, so if I nominated you and you have more than 200 followers, just accept the award anyway and pay it forward, because no one will know except you that you weren’t actually eligible.  Unless your conscience can’t take it.  Damn you, Jiminy!

My nominees:

Smoke Ring Collisions

On Becoming a Wordsmith

Danielle Bukowski 

Wake Up Tired   — blog name too awesome to resist….

On The Wings of the Hummingbird

Skeleton Road

Richard Bowker

Jamie Stokes 

hic sunt verba

havecakewithit  — because of the cake…ah…guilty pleasures…

A Comfortable Silence

There they are…gosh, I hope that’s 11.  Welcome to the blogging world people!  (Even though many of you have probably been blogging much longer than me…) Onto their questions:

1.  Think of three things you can’t live without.  What are they, why, and how would your life be different if you had to live without them?

2.  If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

3.  What is your least favorite book and why?

4.  If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?

5.  You’re having a dinner party and can invite three people, dead or alive, who do you invite?

6.  You die, and are given the choice to be reincarnated into any organism in the world except human, what do you choose?

7.  What is the Golden Ratio?

8.  You’re in a good relationship with someone, but randomly stumble across your first love, who confesses he/she believes you’re their soulmate and proposes on the spot, what do you do?

9.  You’ve finished painting your masterpiece, what does it look like?

10.  You’re given the option to change the pigment of your skin any color of the rainbow, so long as it’s not a natural skin color, what color do you choose?

11.  Which is the movie you’ve watched more times than any other movie?

And there they all are.  I hope I didn’t make my questions too hard…and that my nominees realize they’ve been nominated and answer them.

Right, now I have breakfast to go eat.


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