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I Realized Something

The other day I realized something funny about women and fashion. Women put a lot of effort into being thin so that they can wear clothes that make them look larger.

Putting Thoughts on Paper

I can’t be the only one that feels as though her thoughts organize and manifest differently when tying on a computer versus writing on paper. I know that there’s a difference in which parts of the brain are accessed, and I feel like it has a profound effect on my own creative process.

Sometimes, I sit in front of a blank screen, empty Word document glaring at me in its pristine digital white, and can’t conjure a single sentence only to pull out a notebook and let endless streams of thought dump from my mind onto paper in a scratchy, scrawling hand.

Somehow, my words are more refined and poetic, a garden of flowery prose, in the digital. On paper, the words are more raw and uninhibited. They’re far from pretty but they drive to the point of the plot, and pounce forward. I get my thoughts down quick, my fingers fly across the keyboard and I don’t have to dwell on what’s popping up on the screen. I linger when handwriting, it’s a skeleton without flesh and features, and I’m not concerned about structure, aesthetics, dreaded word count and number of pages, proper formatting, and which font is prettier.

Sometimes my keyboard sticks, my computer fails me with the distractions of other applications, music, online web-surfing, and video games (I’ve got cities to conquer and puzzles to solve, it’s all more important than putting to word the stories flitting about my mind drowning me in their design). Sometimes my hand cramps, my pen runs out of ink, and my papers become a mess, I can’t read my own writing or stomach looking back over it to type it up , it wasn’t pleasing the first time, the digital won’t make it anymore pleasing when I can actually see on screen what my mind is saying on paper.

Notable Achievements of the Year

None. We’re only thirteen days into the new year. What exactly can be accomplished in thirteen days?

Days needed to write a short story: 1

Days needed to write a novella: 7-ish

Days needed to write a 30,000 page novel: 14

Days needed to read a 300-400 page book: 1

Days needed to read a 500-800 page book: 3-5

Days needed to paint a small sized picture: 1-2

Days needed to paint a medium sized picture: 4-ish

Days needed to paint a large sized picture: 7

Days needed to start a new workout: None, just start working out.

Okay, maybe I could have accomplished a lot in thirteen days. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. I suppose it’s a good thing the weather has forced me on a furlough for the week. Writing a short story or painting a picture may also provide me that alternative income I desperately need at the moment…assuming I can produce something anyone would want to pay money to own.

Resolutions: 2015

1) Lose weight. Automatically on everyone’s list, right?

2) Finish book. On my list every year, and like #1, it never gets done.

3) Write. Like a bat out of hell.

4) Apply for grad school. Because I’m a masochist.

5) Fix car. It’s been a year now since the accident, I think it’s about time.

6) Blog. Because you pay for this crap.

7) Read more. It’s good for the soul.

And that about does it.


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