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Put me in a hole, bury me to my neck…

Recently I pitched to a friend collaborating on developing a game.  I’d tried convincing my sister to work with me on it, to no avail, but it looks like the friend is interested.  Originally, I’d envisioned my sister doing the graphics because she’s a kick-ass artist and I’d do the programming because unlike my sister, I can program my way out of a box.  When I mentioned this to the friend, he was taken aback, stating “I would’ve thought you’d needed help with the programming”.  I was like, well, yeah, that’s what you’d be doing because, honestly, he can barely draw a box but at the same time I’m going “Uh…I do know how to program.”

The problem is that I get pigeon-holed.  It happens to everyone, but I’m getting so sick and tired of it.  People attach labels to other people and fail to see them as capable of anything outside of that label.  I’m an artist so I can only do art. I’m a writer, so surely all I do is write.  The thing is these are just skills, and more skills can be learned on top of them and, well, I love to learn.  I get bored having only one skill and knowing how to do only this one thing.  I’m not alone.  People have hobbies that don’t fall immediately into their primary skill-set, or they take classes, read about things they didn’t know how to do before.  We’re curious critters, us Homo sapiens.  It’s called personal growth, and smart people strive to do it on a regular basis.  

Just because I want to be a writer, doesn’t mean that’s all I can do.  If anything being a writer means I need to know how to do more.  I’m also an artist, a programmer, a gamer, a singer, a knitter, a crocheter, a baker, a philosopher, a chef, an anthropologist, a student, a friend, a bonafide DIY-er…the list goes on.  These are things I do, they aren’t who I am.  They don’t define me. And just because these are the things I do now does not mean I cannot and will not do so much more.



Quick Updates

Work is going well.  So far, the boss likes me.  We had an employee assessment recently, and I scored much higher than I thought I would.  Seems I won’t be shown the door as soon as I thought I would be.  Yay.

On another note, my personal NaNoWriMo is going well, too.  I’ve been working on a new-ish story.  It’s a plot I’d been dwelling on for a while, but hadn’t gotten around to writing yet.  I really want to work on that sci-fi that I’d intended to do during the actual NaNoWriMo, but I guess I’d rather not do it in a rush.  I want to work on something that matters a little less to me and is easy to pen over the course of 30 days.  Anyhow, back to some productive writing.

Professional Blog Writer

Today I am officially a professional blog writer.

My first post went up for the company blog.  Check it out!

I’m nervous about it.  I know it’s not a great post, and I’m hoping I’ll get better with time and the more I settle into the position.  At the moment I’m working on several other posts about food, recipes, and other products that we sell.  I’m kind of on a homemade kick, everything from scratch (sort of) but in the easiest ways possible and with tips to make eating homemade simple and muss free, so that may be what a lot of my blog posts focus on.  Did you know how easy it was to make your own dressings and condiments from scratch?  I’ll be posting about it within the next few months on the company blog, so maybe bookmark the page or sign up for the newsletter to get updates.

Semi-unrelated, I’m also planning on slowly learning to do homemade lotions, soaps, skin care, shampoo, hair conditioner, and cosmetic products.  Yes, I’m looking at becoming a hippie, except I want to be very scientific about it, track how well things are working, shelf life, etc.  I just need to come up with a recording system, and also run 0ut of the current products I’m using.  I’ve already got plans to make some lotions, sugar scrubs, maybe lip balm, and laundry detergent for the holidays — give some as gifts 🙂 !  Though I’m a bit wary of giving things to my loved ones that I haven’t tried on myself yet.

I might start a blog to post my results on everything.  We’ll see how that goes.

Back to the professional blog writer thing.  Yeah, come by and take a look at the post.  Tell me what you think, because I could use a few tips, pointers, lot of feedback.  Final note, I made breakfast this morning with the product I blogged about.  It was so much easier to use than I thought, though I totally missed the instruction to cover and lower the heat (I covered, no lowered heat…didn’t ruin it too much and I caught it eventually).  Here’s a pic.


I suggest purchasing one soon. It’s a limited time item.


School’s Out, Time to Write

As of this past Thursday morning, my school semester is over.  It was a long and hectic year that ended on a few high notes.  A few good grades and good praise from my teachers, met some interesting people that were far friendlier towards me than I probably deserved.  In personal life, I got a new job and a new car.  The job seems to be going well, which could mean it really is going well, or I’m delusional in my hopes that it works out.

My first blog post for the new job goes up on Monday, if you would care to check it out, here’s the link.  It’s not the best thing I’ve ever written, by far, stifled by the pressure of it being my first paid writing gig and trying to situate myself into a position whose previous occupant left a severely sour taste in the boss’s mouth.  While you’re perusing the company blog, you can read some of the old blogger’s posts as well.  I’m not entirely sure how long we’ll be keeping them up, but I’m petitioning to get them removed as soon as possible.  I’d like to distance myself from her work as much as I can.  One of the earliest bloggers had some decent posts, and I’d like to spruce them up a bit, but I guess there were complications during her employment so her stuff might get removed too, we’ll see.  We’ll also be getting a freelance blogger (who I’ll be semi-managing) to write content for us.  She’s got a lot of writing experience, and thus far in our email correspondence she’s been super nice, so I’m excited to be working with her. I’ll let you know when her stuff goes up as well, let you take a look at it.  Also, you know, buy something from the store.  We’ve got cool kitchen gadgets, the kind of stuff that makes me go, “I want that…and that…and OH MY GOD THAT!”

As per my previous blog (in which I complain about my own failings during NaNoWriMo and hope the readers will take pit on me), I’m going to be doing my own version of NaNoWriMo…apparently, starting today.  Woohoo! Got to write 1600 words today.  I can kill that easy, just need to pick a story to work on.   A little torn between the one I was trying to write during NaNoWriMo and a completely different one.  UGH, I’m already sabotaging myself.  I’m just going to open a word doc and start writing, whichever story comes out is the one I’m going with, so there, take that self-imposed writer’s block!

Right.  Off I go to get some novel written.  Enjoy this picture of the kitten that wouldn’t let me do my homework.

He's a little sad about classes ending because it means his favorite napping spot - my books - is going away for a time.  Back to sleeping on my shoulders, I guess.

He’s a little sad about classes ending because it means his favorite napping spot – my books – is going away for a time. Back to sleeping on my shoulders, I guess.

School’s Out Forever…almost

I have one week left of classes and then it’s finals week.  Winter break, roughly a month long.  School starts up again on January 24th, marking, finally, my last semester as an undregrad.  I feel like I’ve been an undergraduate student forever, and my family would definitely agree.  It’s taken me about ten years to get my bachelor’s degree, I meandered at the community college taking random classes, switched my major countless times, and even took one semester off entirely.  

Few can probably claim to have taken so long finding themselves, and I’m still kind of looking.

I’d like to go to graduate school.  I’m just not sure how soon I can go.  I need to get a few professors to like me enough to write me recommendation letters.  I need to get into a field school to bolster my CV.  I need money, that’s a big and extremely scary one. Hardest of all, I need to find a school that will take me, complete with a professor interested in what I want to research.

For now, I just need to finish this semester.


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