If I had to be honest…

I’m already frustrated with my new project.  The 500 words a day project that I’ve been doing so well on my daily word counts for, going above and beyond the writing goal.

I kind of rushed right into it because March snuck up on me before I finished developing the plot and characters and all that good stuff.  Damn you February for being so short!  Why didn’t you eat your vegetables when you were younger so you could grow to the size of a real month like the other eleven?

Irrational anger aside, I guess my major problem with the project is that I’m not getting the tonality of it right.  I want it to be a gritty sort of emotional diatribe alla Catcher in the Rye, or maybe more ambiguous in  the vein of Albert Camus, except something people read because they want to not because it was assigned in English class, but right now its reading like some Young Adult feel good piece, after school special type crap.

Maybe this isn’t so bad in that I sort of vaguely decided to aim for the Young Adult audience in writing it.  I partially believe my stilted voice is due to my mentioning the piece to my good friend who eagerly decided she ought to be able to read it.  I know her, she most likely won’t read it, even if I twisted her arm over it, but when I first envisioned it, I knew it wasn’t really the type of story she would enjoy reading and now I’m second guessing myself because what if my apathy, or more appropriately, aversion in her interest determines her to follow through and read it.

Anyhow, I’m taking a deep breath and with all things I write, trying to assure myself that this is just the first draft and I can re-write and re-work the story in later stages.  Or I could toss it altogether and start over from scratch.  The point of this exercise being simply to finish it.

Finish it.  Right.  Easier said than done.

But I’ll follow the Dorie philosophy and just keep swimming.

And since I’m confessing things, I guess I’ll go ahead and admit that I’m only writing this quick post because I’m trying desperately not to clean my room right now.  Sigh, me and my terrible procrastination habits.

Moral of story: Don’t tell people you’re writing something if you aren’t sure you really want them to read it because chances are pretty good that they’ll want to read it and you’ll develop a bad case of stage fright.

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