Now where did I leave my head again…?

School has kind of got me in a headlock at the moment.  Midterms are coming up and, following tradition, I’m rushing into full blown panic mode.  I’ve already taken my first Japanese exam and I feel pretty confident about it, I only entirely bullshitted a few of the answers.

I have another test on this coming Tuesday for an anthropology class, the title of which I cannot recall for the life of me, it’s something like human biology evolution behavior whatever.  Hopefully that’s not on the test.  I’ve just recently been hired to take notes for one of my fellow students in the class that suffers from some disability. I don’t know who they are or what their disability is because, according to the Disability Resource Center’s training video, I don’t need to know, they really emphasized that point which I found strange because, to be quite frank, I would never want to meet this person.  It’s nothing personal against them, I just don’t like new people.  I’m a little socially disabled, he/she is note-taking disabled, we’re a match made in heaven.  Sort of.

Okay, not really.  Point is, I think I’ll be okay on that test.

Another exam I have in two weeks, for my Evolution of Culture class, I’m a little worried about.  And by a little, I mean I’m completely freaking out.  It’s all on the inside, of course, on the outside I’m cool as a cucumber, you know, except when I’m ripping someone’s head off for asking me how I’m doing that day or some equally offensive question.  My professor for this class is French.  That’s not really important, I just wanted to note that although he’s clearly been in the states a while as his accent is very diluted, it grows more pronounced the more passionate he becomes in his lecture, which is kind of awesome.  The only real complaint I have about him is that he’s far too intelligent, and I don’t think he understands that the majority of the class is not on the same wavelength as him.  I’m really hoping that his test will be mostly multiple choice, but I sense that this guy is a “short/long essay” kind of test giver, and if that’s the case, I may fail.  Miserably.

My last exam is Human Growth and Development.  I’m torn on that one.  The professor has given us ample study aides, including review sheets and practice essay questions.  Which mean, if I use the study material, I have an incredibly good chance of acing the class.  That’s if I use the study material.  There’s a lot riding on that “if”; motivation and wherewithal and whatnot.  At least in that instance, if I fail I know it’s entirely on me, and I can’t shaft even the most inventive of responsibilities onto the professor.  Darn her and her crafty helpfulness.

Once midterms are over, then I can enter academic catatonia in response to upcoming term papers that I need to write, one of which I screwed myself over on with an incredibly complicated topic choice (“very interesting”, my professor called it, I was just making things up) and the other I haven’t a clue yet what the topic will be about, tune-in next week for the critical meltdown on that one.

Outside of school, I’ve been getting some writing done.  The short story I shared a clip of a short while back is about half-way finished, it’s sitting at 3,600 words right now (I know, I know, what’s taking me so long) and I’ve begun a novel-length project, my goal for which is, starting from March 1st, to write 500 words a day towards this project, and finish the first five chapters by the end of the month.  Thus far I’m a couple hundred words over the goal (just finished my 500 for today), so, you know, yay!

And now, I’m off to study.  Yes, this is my Saturday night, I feel so cool…

  1. At least it will be a productive Saturday night. That will come in handy when it is time for the test. Much better than drawing a blank for a night of (perhaps more) fun.

    • It was a very productive Saturday night. Got a lot of homework done. Thank you for the comment!

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