Hey, I was just watching some videos on Youtube as I ate my breakfast this morning and came across this one from the BigThink channel (LOVE that channel by the way, so many fascinating things to watch).

It’s short, but impacting, I think.  Take a gander:

I really liked what he had to say about taking a situation in your everyday life and viewing it through the eyes of another writer, though I would take it a step further and suggest trying to view it through the eyes of everyone else present.  What is my father thinking when I sit down to dinner with him, what does he notice, what does he feel about what’s being said?  Where is my boss’s mind at as I’m giving him a rundown of my status on a current task, is he distracted, why is he distracted?  What is my professor seeing and when he/she looks out at the classroom full of students and how does he/she feel about it?

I was told once that avid readers tend to be more empathetic, because your whole experience reading is about putting yourself in another’s mind, but as a writer, you need to take that a step further and become that other or more specifically multiple other persons all at once.

I instantly thought of perspective when I watched this video.  One of my favorite things to ramble on ad nauseam about is perspective and how it pertains to writing and art.  Actually, I think I’ll be writing a post about perspective somewhere down the line and, so we’re clear, when I say “perspective” I’m not talking about “point of view”, I’m talking about climb on top of your desk and give an almighty yawp PERSPECTIVE.

So, I guess, think of this short video as something to whet your appetite for that eventual post.  Hope the holidays treated you well, now get back to work!

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