NaNoWriMo #4: Day 6 – Diner Dialogue

(**Warning – Mildly explicit language.)

Diner Dialogue
Word Count: 490

“More coffee, sir?  Sir?  Um…look, you need to order something.  You’ve been sitting here for the past…”

“…fifteen years I gave to that man, only for him to leave me for…”

“…a giant, hairy, bulbous mole!  I mean, this thing was so huge, it had its own…”

“Purple.  I’m telling you, completely serious, that they were purple.  Swim trunks should not be purple. They should be…”

“…screwing Rachel.  Even though she’s dating Conner.  But, you know, everyone knows, that he’s fucking around with…”

“…a geometrical survey – oh, more coffee, miss, please, thank you – what was I saying…?  Oh, yeah…they are out there ripping up concrete without a proper survey…I swear, these bastards have no clue…”

“…about the time Aunt Dierdre drove out to Clinton to visit grandpa.  I keep thinking if I had only gone with her, maybe she wouldn’t have…”

“Blown the transistor.  Can you fucking believe that?  I don’t have the money to repair this kind of…”

“Jelly donut and two eggs, sunny side up, please, dear.  The weather is lovely today, isn’t it?  Will you do an old man a favor and…”

“…turn your face that way and lean closer…you’ve got something on your…here, let me…there, got it.  Oh, it tastes like…”

“Asshole, I ain’t sayin’ it again.  See, the longer I gotta wait for you to make up your mind, that makes it less time I got to get my stuff together and…”

“…tell you about the Brower report?  I can’t…I can’t…no, you know I can’t give you any info on…good God, it’s so hot in here…maybe I should tell my boss…”

“…to get her fat ass off the couch and take her obnoxious little rat dog outside or I was going to take it…”

“…off the table.  And sit up straight.  And use your napkin not your…pants.  And…young man, will you not…”

“…slide your finger there and give the strings a strum.  There you go, you’re getting the hang of it…oh, hey, thank you for your patronage, I really…”

“…swear to God, if that asshole does not stop pinching my butt every time I walk in the kitchen, I am going to…”

“…study for the Chem test?  I can’t wrap my head around these formulas.  What the hell is the difference between Entropy and Enthalpy?  I can’t take this much more.  This P.O.S. professor seriously needs to…”

“…kiss me like he means it, for crying out loud.  I have needs you know.  I am so sick and tired of this quick peck bullshit.  Either he wants me or he…”

“…can expect a call from my lawyer and then he’ll see how pissed I can…”

“…get the check please, miss?  Miss…hey…”

“…missus giving me a hard time about the plumbing.  Like I know a goddamn thing about plumping but she says ‘well, Frank, you’re a man aren’t you?’  And I want to just wring…”

“…up this order for me, please?  I got to deal with the weirdo in booth four…won’t stop scribbling in his notebook.”


(I had to write a paper for my Women’s Studies class which, itself, was semi-creative writing-ish, and so didn’t have much time to write anything tonight.  Anyhow, I wanted to do a piece that sort of played with dialogue, and this is what I came up with…a sort of…kind of…exercise in laziness I think.  No, I didn’t actually sit in a diner and write down what people were saying around me, but that might be an interesting writing exercise…or creepy, I’m torn.)

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