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Haven’t posted anything in awhile, so I figured I ought to…this will effectively serve as an “I am not dead” type post, so expect no big revelations on the secrets of the universe.  Could be interesting though, so stick around, ne?

Work has been hectic.  We went through what I will now refer to as the “Great Purge”, during which time we lost key employees, all hell broke lose, a giant burden fell on my shoulders, and I think I have now officially developed an ulcer because my stomach feels like its trying to eat its way out.

On the plus side, Netflix uploaded a ridiculous amount of (poorly subbed) Korean dramas and Diablo III came out, so in my spare time I’ve been going between balling my eyes out on the couch like a housewife (minus the bon-bons and wine, I’m on a diet) and saving the town from swarms of beasties (I just recently unlocked Hell, go me!  I know, I know, I’m a little behind the curve, but I’m no hardcore gamer…I asked my sister what “kiting” was recently and she valiantly fought the urge to call me a “noob” as she, a true hardcore gamer, explained to me…the noob…what I had actually, already, intuitively known).

Waiting to hear back from the University about my application.  I’m transferring from community to a four year college this coming semester….if all goes according to plan.  I’m literally on pins-and-needles waiting for the acceptance so I can call my academic advisor and financial aid advisor and start what will become a bi-annual ritual of harassing them for the next four (give or take a few) years.  I will be majoring in Anthropology…I think I’ve mentioned that before.

In a little bit I plan on posting about using ‘culture’ in writing, expect me to pretend I’m relying heavily on my very limited education in the anthropological field.

Eventually I plan on posting part two of “On Superpowers”, also.  I started it, for anyone who might be wondering.  Finishing it is proving a bit more…tedious.

Also, at some point, I want to write the next installment of Panforte Mafia – which is the series of shorts that I started posting up above in my “Writing” section, if you have not read it.  There’s only one short there right now, titled “Deliver the Package By 2 pm, Tuesday”.  The story revolves around three mafioso that have been outcasted and are on the run from the family for various reasons.  My hope for it is to eventually make it a hugely character driven action story…hopefully…we’ll see what happens there.

I should probably clean my room one day too.

I recently finished my first computer build, which is what I’m running Diablo III off of, ’tis very nice.  I need to get Microsoft Office for it though so I can start using it to write.  Otherwise I’m using my little netbook and the keyboard is awkward and exacerbates a pain in my arm that seems to be developing carpal tunnel.  I know, I’m whining.

A few things to share:

Did you guys hear about the guy eating the other guy’s face?  Zombie apocalypse is coming!! Start stocking up on heavy artillery and toilet paper, people.

I discovered this story, titled Mordecai March today on fictionpress.  The writing is a little sub-par, sometimes hard to understand in parts (a combination of the author being English, and seeming to have an extreme distaste for punctuation) but the story itself is surprisingly interesting.  Give it a gander, then leave the writer some helpful feedback!

If you aren’t familiar with fictionpress, it’s a nifty website where writers can post their original work and build up something of an audience, maybe even garner criticism.  I recommend it for people who write just for fun or are just beginning to write.  As for someone looking for a good read, most of what you’ll find on the site isn’t anything special, a lot of it is littered with poor grammar, but its worth the sift for some of the amazing gems you find.

It’s better known counterpart, of course, is, where writers can post their fanfiction stories.  If you don’t know what fanfiction is, read about it here on TV Tropes.  Once again, this site is a good place for people who write for fun.  The stories you might find here can be, in a lot of ways, worse than fictionpress, but if you’re into this sort of thing, there are definitely some worthy needles in the gigantic haystacks and they are surprisingly easier to find, too.

Anyhoo, it’s almost five, so time to punch out (yes, I’m – sort of – at work right now…………………..), so I guess that ends today’s “I’m still here” posting.  I hope you enjoyed it.  If you didn’t, oh well, can’t take it back now.  So sorry.

Got to go.  Thanks for your time.  I’ll post something useful next time, and hopefully very soon.  Now I’m off to slay some demons.

I’m currently a level 52 witchdoctor. I named him WallaBang. 😀


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