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This is a momentous day for me.  My first official blog post on my first official blog.  I feel so nervous and giddy, like a lovestruck schoolgirl.  For years I’ve thought of creating a blog, toyed with ideas of what I’d call it and what I’d blog about, but I have never been able to muster courage, bite the bullet, and create one.  Until now.

New Years Resolution #1 can now be checked off!  Woohoo!

I was thinking the best way to kick off my new blog would be to briefly introduce myself and write a little about Dastardly Reads.

I am best described as a twenty-something, underachieving, smartass, slacker.  I am an aspiring writer (and have been for way too long) and a lackadaisical artist.  I have a crap, low-paying, underappreciated job doing computer graphics work.  And I can knit.

As already mentioned, I’ve wanted to start a blog for the longest time.  I thought about blogging on different things, on food, art, philosophy, music, etc., etc.  All topics for which millions of blogs already exist.  Stuck between the fear of creating another overdone blog to fade sadly away into the digital abyss and this deep-seeded longing to get my voice out there and be heard, I started thinking about the one topic I knew for certain a blog didn’t already exist on: Me.

Of course, I’m boring.  No one would want to read about my daily life.  Most days I don’t even want to live my daily life (…and I mean that in a completely non-suicidal way).

However, recently I realized (and it’s so sad it took me as long as it did to come to this conclusion) that there is an aspect of ‘Me’ that is not boring: My stories.  I love telling stories.  I have loved telling stories since I was in grade school when my fifth grade teacher told me I was a writer.  Storytelling is such a part of me, it is so ingrained in the fiber of my being, that I spend every waking and every slumbering hour thinking up stories.  My dreams are literally intricate storylines, of which I or anyone I know beyond my own fictional characters are rarely a part of, typically of the action/adventure or fantasy variety.

I am a storyteller.  And this blog’s main focus will be as host for my stories in their various incarnations: short stories, series of short stories, and possibly comics.  I might also blog about my adventures in novel writing.

Which brings us to…why did I title my blog ‘Dastardly Reads’?  That’s easy.  Because I thought it sounded cool.


Sort of.

‘Reads’ is a self-explanatory part of the title but ‘Dastardly’ is, maybe, not so much.  Dastardly is an interesting word.  You don’t hear it often these days unless you’re talking about a cartoon character from the seventies.  The word itself means malicious, treacherous, and cowardly – tying back to an early perception that people who do bad things are cowards.  I chose it for a number of reasons.  I felt a connection to the word.  I thought it aptly fit my own character in regards to my writing.  I’ve always been afraid to pursue a writing career, to put my work out there for professional review and possible publication.  For me, this blog serves as a sort of halfway house.  A way to get my writing out there without fully committing myself to it just yet.

Furthermore, I thought the word fit my style of writing.  I like characters, especially main characters, that are severely flawed.  The type of characters that you root for even though deep inside you’re not really sure you should be.  Characters that make questionable choices and cause you to rethink your own personal morals.  Characters you can’t always count on to make the right decisions in the end but, if you’re really lucky and they feel so compelled, they just might save the day.

Anyhoo, that’s me and my blog in a nutshell.  Expect posts on writing and on art, as well as, of writing and of art.  And sometimes….just sometimes…I might even mention my boring life.

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